EVO JK/JKU Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms

$508.19 $461.99

The JK factory control arms have proven themselves to be well made and will articulate quite far, they due have some drawbacks, lack adjustability and are known to eventually fail or bend under hard wheeling and time. The EVO MFG Enforcer rear lower arms address this by being made from heavy wall DOM Steel Tubing, are all fully adjustable in length for fine tuning of suspension alignments and wheel positions. They utilize Currie Johnny Joints on both ends of each control arm which are free moving joints with ample misalignment and angle, rebuildable and greaseable and do not give the resisantance and misalignment wear charactoristics of all bonded rubber. These arms offer an isolated construction for decreased transmission of road vibrations without the wear or binding associated with bonded rubber joints. Massive 1-1/4" threaded joints. 100% bolt on installation. Powdercoated Black for long life and corrosion resistance