EVO MFG JL 3.5" Front Lift Plush Ride Springs, Pair

$242.00 $220.00

The EVO Plush Ride JL Lift Coils give a smooth linear ride on and off road while giving additional lift with increased performance and payload capacity. These kits come with a set of 2.5in or 3.5in or 4.5" Plush Ride Lift Springs specific to each corner which will keep the Jeep Wrangler JL Level side to side and will maintain a unique and compliant ride quality. Lift is based on increase of our 4 Door Rubicon.� 4 Door Sport and Sahara Models will see slightly higher increases over stock and will match/similar to overall lift height of a Rubicon Model.� 2 Door Models (all) will see slightly higher increases in lift.� Added weight like bumpers, sliders, winches etc or lake thereof will net different increases. Therefore increases will vary.