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The rocker panel on the JLU is arguably the most vulnerable area to�trail damage on the JLU and therefore adding additional protection to�this area is a must for most off roaders.� Additionally, adding a flat�area to ease in entering and exiting your lifted JLU is commonly a�priority.�� The EVO MFG JLU Bomber Rockers are intended to do just that.� With their sleek design and 3/16in steel construction, these offer�increased protection to the rocker area on your JLU and have a nice flat�top to be used as a step if needed to get in and out of the vehicle.���The main Bomber Rocker mounts to the 3 large lower body mounts and�additionally with gusseted mounts at the front, middle and rear section�of the body seams.�� The ends are cropped specifically to clear 40in+�tires without interference.� The underside remains close to body giving�great clearance and cut with multiple access holes to aid in�installation as well as allow easy cleaning of mud and debris. For even more increased strength and protection the EVO MFG JLU Bomber�Rockers with Rocker Skins come complete with both driver and passenger�side Rocker skin panels giving even more rigidity and body protection.��These Rocker Skin Panels mount from your JLUs body panels (drilling�required) directly to the main lower EVO MFG Bomber Rocker increasing�their connections and distributing associated loads. Both EVO MFG JLU Bomber Rockers and the Rocker Skin panels come in Bare�steel ready for powder coating or painting any color you choose.��Stainless steel and zinc plated hardware is included to complete�installation.