EVO Rear Bolt-On Coilover Kit (with C/Os), JK BLACK with Compression Adjusters

$2,448.50 $2,385.00

With a foundation in the first and most proven coilover systems for the Jeep JK, EVO MFG brings you its new LCG Bolt-On Coilover System The EVO MFG LCG Bolt-On Coilover kit comes complete with all necessary parts to easily convert the JK from the limited coil and shock system to a far superior performing coilover system. Ultra high clearance mounts gaining 1.5" of clearance at the axle over stock location and a vertical shock position for increase protection and much more ideal motion ratio over laying them back rearward. INCLUDES 11.5in of usable wheel travel, custom built brackets for the lowest center of gravity and EVOs legendary SPEC valving and spring rates, the EVO LCG Bolt-On Coilover system proves to set the bar, for ease of install , price and performance.