Jeep Wrangler JT and Gladiator JT Protek Front Axle Disconnect Shield. FAD CAD Black by EVO MFG

$109.99 $99.99

The Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU front axle is manufactured with a CAD Center Axle Disconnect (also called FAD). �This feature is designed to improve fuel economy but does add a vulnerable load bearing casting to long side of the JL/JLU front axle tube. �Castings are known to be delicate to impact loads and being that impacts of the axle is invevitable off road, protection is a must. �The EVO MFG JL CAD adds much needed protection by retaining the partial factory skid plate and adding an addtional 3/16in steel full coverage skidplate not only protecting the FAD casting and wiring harness but also extending forward to protect the highly vulnerable front steering stabilizer. �The EVO MFG CAD/FAD Skid comes fully welded, powder coated black and ready to install with standard tools in a few simple minutes.