• TeraFlex JL/JLU--JK/JKU: Delta Brake Kit - Front & Rear - 5x5” Bolt Pattern

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    The TeraFlex JL/JLU--JK/JKU: Delta Brake Kit is the ultimate upgrade for JL/JLU and JK/JKU Wrangler models with oversized and heavier wheels/tire combos requiring increased braking performance. A must for 33-42” tires or heavy-laden overland rigs. Includes all the components required to upgrade both front and rear axles.

    Modulus measures a material’s resistance to elastic (recoverable) deformation under load. A stiff material has a high modulus, which means it only changes shape slightly under high elastic loads before returning to its normal shape. The Delta Brake Calipers features a high-modulus bridge.


    • 2018+ JL Wrangler (2-door)
    • 2018+ JLU Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)
    • 2007-2018 JK Wrangler (2-door)
    • 2007-2018 JKU Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)

    • Minimum Wheel Diameter: 17”
    • Back Spacing: 4.5” or less
    • Bolt Pattern: 5x5”


    • High-Modulus Brake Caliper Kit w/ pads- front
    • High-Modulus Brake Caliper Kit w/ pads - rear
    • 14” x 1.25” vented & slotted rotors w/ 5x5” bolt pattern - front (# 4403455)
    • 14” x 1.25” vented & slotted rotors w/ 5x5” bolt pattern - rear (# 4403456)
    • All necessary hardware

    Features & Benefits:

    • Significantly improved braking performance over factory brake system
    • Balanced front to rear brakes tuned specifically for lifted vehicles
    • Brake bias & piston sizes optimized for Wrangler
    • Designed to work w/ stock proportioning valve & ABS
    • 100% bolt-on upgrade for easy installation
    • 3-year warranty
    Front & Rear Calipers:

    • Opposed 4-piston caliper design w/ 2” pistons
    • Same flow rate as factory 2-piston calipers – 4 pistons move each side half the distance instead of 2 pistons only moving one side the full distance
    • EPDM synthetic boot material keeps water & other contaminants away from piston
    • Hard-chrome coating on piston reduces friction to improve performance
    • 4-piece High-Modulus bridge caliper design combines heat-treated 4140 cast steel bridge w/ T6 6061 forged aluminum piston housings
    • Steel bridges resist bending/flex better than standard aluminum or cast iron
    • Improved stiffness = consistent brake feel/modulation during brake application & release
    • Low-profile bridge accepts 14” diameter rotors behind 17” wheels
    • 1,000-hour salt spray tested zinc-& E-dipped coating on bridges & mounts
    • 300,000 psi steel formed hardware
    • Calipers feature built-in auto bleeding check ball, valve, & spring for easy bleeding
    • Hard-coat anodized, scratch-resistant piston bores

    Front & Rear Brake Rotors:
    • Massive 14” x 1.25” vented rotors for superior stopping performance
    • Larger diameter rotors offer more mechanical advantage for more stopping power
    • Heat-treated, heavy cast-iron rotors offer better heat absorption
    • Mill-balanced, vented rotors for maximum heat dissipation
    • Included slotted rotors offer better gas dissipation than smooth rotors
    • GEOMET coating on non-friction surfaces resists corrosion
    • Rotors feature 5x5” bolt pattern

    Front & Rear Brake Pads:

    • Proprietary composite-resin, semi-metallic pads provide excellent full temperature stopping power for maximum initial speed scrub w/ increased pad life & reduce noise & dust
    • Drop-in pad design – no need to disassemble calipers to replace pads

    Stock Brake Rotor Reference:

    JL/JLU Sport front: 12.9” x 0.94” (330mm x 24mm) vented rotors
    JL/JLU Sport rear: 12.9” x 0.47” (328mm x 12mm) solid rotors
    JL/JLU Sahara/Rubicon front: 12.9” x 1.1” (330mm x 28mm) vented rotors
    JL/JLU Sahara/Rubicon rear: 13.4” x 0.55” (342mm x 14mm) solid rotors
    JK/JKU front: 11.9” x 1.1” (302mm x 28mm) vented rotors (U.S.-spec)
    JK/JKU rear: 11.9” x 1.1” (302mm x 28mm) vented rotors (U.S.-spec)


    • Requires a minimum wheel diameter of 17”.
    • On JK/JKU models, we recommend upgrading the stock master cylinder and brake booster to the Mopar Master Cylinder & Brake Booster Kit (# P5160050). Contact us at 480-848-8482 for availability.