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    Fits 2018 - 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL Sport, Sahara, High Altitude and Rubicon models or Gladiator JT Sport, Sport S, Overland or Rubicon models with 3.6L or 2.0L engines (NOT Diesel).

    Simple, plug-in installation – simply unplug the SGW module and plug the Tazer JL Mini in its place.  Located above the OBD2 Diagnostic connector.

    There are two sets of features – those that program the vehicle to accommodate modifications made to the Jeep, and “live” features..

    These are all accessed using the dash display, using steering wheel buttons to navigate the menus.

    Settings – once the Tazer is “married” to the Jeep, the following menus can be accessed. Unmarrying the Tazer will bring the settings back to stock.

    Perf menu:
    Adjust for alternate tire sizes up to 41″
    Adjust for alternate axle gear ratios
    Adjust for an alternate transfer case LO range ratio

    TPMS menu:
    Disable TPMS system if desired
    Change front/rear TPMS warning PSI limit

    Radio menu:
    Disable Backup camera
    Enable Cargo/front/undercarriage Camera input
    Enable CD audio input
    Disable TravelLink (weather warnings included)

    Lighting Menu:
    Change DRL region (type)
    Change DRL location
    Disable DRL Dropout
    Enable Fog lamp output
    Disable Fog lamp dropout
    Disable Halo’s
    Set LED 3rd brake light type
    Set LED tail lamp type
    Set LED front turn signal type
    Set Trailer Tow output for use with Mopar kit

    Other menu:
    Disable/Enable Electronic sway bar – for axle swaps or to run disconnected at any speed or drive mode
    Disable/Enable Front Axle Disconnect
    Disable/Enable Front and Rear Lockers
    Enable Aux switch settings on the radio
    Enable Blind spot detection (sensors required)
    Change cluster splash screen to Wrangler/Sahara/Rubicon
    Enable/Disable PANIC button on remote

    Live features:
    Light shows: Can be accessed from the key fob or from the on-screen menu. 6 pre-set light shows and 3 make-your-own shows included. Set from the factory to only operate when parked, but can be unlocked for off-road, parade, and emergency personnel use.

    Disable Navigation in-motion lockout – enter addresses while the vehicle is moving
    Disable camera lockout – use the backup camera and/or added cargo/front/undercarriage camera at any speed for any length of time
    Auto Traction Kill – can be set to turn off traction control upon start-up
    Auto StopStart Disable – can be set to disable AutoStopStart upon vehicle start-up
    AutoPark Disable – can override the AutoPark system
    TurnCAM – can turn on backup camera whenever turn signals are used (great for when the doors are off)
    0-30 and 0-60 timers
    Cooldown mode – run engine fans when Jeep is off, to aid in cooldown
    Winch mode – raise engine idle to 2000 RPM while winching or jumping another vehicle
    Clear Check engine light