• American Adventure Lab Jeep JL Rubicon High-Line Fender Brace with Daytime Running Lights and Sequential Turn Signal


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    Fits 2018-2022 Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU/JT Rubicon Fenders ONLY!! Does not fit the factory Sport or Sahara fenders, though a pair of front Rubicon fenders can be swapped over to a Sport or Sahara.

    These lights also requires dismantling of your stock Rubicon fenders into the high-line version (upper piece only). These lights completely replace the halogen or LED front fender light that currently resides in the Rubicon front fenders. Works with black plastic or painted Rubicon fenders.

    Pricing is for the pair (one bracket for each side), shipped in matte black powdercoat (not available in raw finish).

    Lights provide a white LED daytime running light and an amber sequential turn signal and does NOT include the "bulb-out" harness (that harness must be purchased directly from AAL).


    American Adventure Lab (AAL) uses the matching OEM connector so that the install is an easy plug and play process. No splicing required.


    AAL wires both DRL circuits to our white DRL light.

    These lights will cause a turn signal out / bulb-out warning when you first start your Jeep. AAL has been told that purchasing, updating and then using a Tazer JL and following their instructions, will eliminate this warning. A Tazer JL module is NOT included and must be purchased separately.


    At this point, AAL is building the light housings in-house using 3D printers. This is a time consuming process, but creates a very clean lens. Their previous two production suppliers were creating a lens that had a yellow tint to it, which is why they are going a different route.


    The bracket is cut on fiber laser from 11 ga steel.


    AAL uses stainless steel assembly hardware combined with black mounting hardware.