• Doetsch Off-Road 07-18 Jeep JK Aluminum Tie Rod and Drag Link Steering Flip Kit with 1-Ton Offset Ends

    $699.99 $400.00



    ......Is your OEM tie rod or drag link bent from a fun off-road adventure?

    ......Does your steering feel sloppy and all over the place?

    ......Is your Jeep JK lifted 3" or higher and the original drag link is still mounted UNDER the knuckle?

    If so, we have the answer for you with our HEAVY DUTY aluminum tie rod and drag link kit!

    Our tie rod and drag link bars are made from 1.5" diameter 7075 aluminum which acts as a "memory metal" - meaning even after it has been bent, it will spring back into it's original linear shape, keeping you moving down the street or trail! We're so confident in the strength of our steering, we offer a limited LIFETIME warranty on the bars!!!! We also machined wrench flats into each end of the bar, so that you can easily get a wrench on it for adjustment.

    The joints we use are the latest high quality greasable 1-ton strength tie rod ends that feature an offset that helps to clear your suspension and other components as your steering cycles. We use opposing left and right hand threads so that you can make front toe adjustments without having to remove the tie rod from the knuckles. The same goes for the drag link, so that you can re-center your steering wheel.

    Here's what you get for $400 -
    - 1.5" diameter 7075 aluminum Heavy Duty Tie Rod with a Limited LIFETIME Warranty
    - 1.5" diameter 7075 aluminum Heavy Duty Drag Link with a Limited LIFETIME Warranty
    - Greasable 1-Ton Offset Heavy Duty Tie Rod Ends with a 18 month Limited Replacement Warranty
    - Tapered sleeve insert for the passenger side knuckle

    Options (Select from Drop-Down Menu):

    - Add $50, Doetsch Off-Road 1.5" Heavy Duty 6061 Aluminum Tie Rod Steering Stabilizer clamp, raw aluminum and MADE IN THE USA!! Please note that a standard 1-3/8" or 1-5/8" stabilizer clamp will NOT fit our 1.5" tie rod

    - Add $56.95, Rock Hard 4x4 1.5" Tie Rod Steering Stabilizer clamp, powdercoated black. Please note that a standard 1-3/8" or 1-5/8" stabilizer clamp will NOT fit our 1.5" tie rod

    - Falcon 2.1 or 2.2 Adjustable Nexus EF Steering Stabilizers with integrated stabilizer clamp and relocation bracket that have been custom machined to 1.5" in order to fit our steering. Please note that a standard 1-3/8" or 1-5/8" Falcon stabilizer will NOT fit our 1.5" tie rod. Prices quoted in the drop down menu for each stabilizer INCLUDES the stabilizer itself, custom machining, as well as separate shipping of the stabilizer.


    *We provide full professional installation of this kit for an additional cost. Give us a call or stop by so that we can discuss options and verify exactly what you need!
    *We offer the tie rod and drag link separately if you already have one or the other, so just give us a call for a quote on what parts you need!
    *We stock and sell replacement tie rod ends that will fit almost ANY aluminum 1-ton steering, just in case you need replacement parts.
    *This kit "flips" your passenger side drag link mounting location to above the knuckle. This is recommended only when you are running a 3" or higher suspension lift.
    *You will need to drill out the upper passenger side knuckle to 7/8" and use our included tapered sleeve insert, in order to flip the drag link.
    *A raised track bar bracket is required in order to use the drag link. This maintains proper geometry between the drag link and track bar on 3"+ lifts.
    *This kit requires aftermarket wheel backspacing of 4.5" or less. If you are running OEM wheels, then 1.5" wheel spacers are available through us and will be required.
    *Aluminum tie rod and drag link come raw as standard and may have slight imperfections in the finish which is not a warranty-able claim, custom paint/powdercoat is available for an additional charge.
    *Free store pick up or nominal oversized shipping fee included at checkout

    *For shipping, please allow 2-3 business days processing time once order is placed. We currently ship via FedEx and approximate normal delivery between 3-7 business days, once shipped. Please provide a valid email address during checkout, so that we can send tracking numbers once shipped. If you need expedited delivery, please call us at 480-848-8482 BEFORE you place your order, so that we can quote you an expedited shipping cost.

    Check out a behind the scenes look into how we make our 1-Ton Steering!