Fox 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Kit for 2021+ Ford Bronco w/ DSC Adjuster (2dr)


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FOX Performance Elite 2.5 Series shocks for the new full-size Ford Bronco are designed and engineered by off-road enthusiasts to enhance comfort, maximize articulation, and increase compliance in the dirt. You also gain 20% more travel over the stock shocks.

FOX's progressively wound springs provide extra clearance and movement to unlock your Bronco’s entire range of usable travel in both jounce and droop positions. These springs were specifically chosen to compliment the Bronco’s IFS design to offer a uniquely soft ride and better control through rough terrain.

The shocks’ 2.5-inch aluminum bodies and external reservoirs efficiently dissipate heat by increasing internal oil capacity, while the remote reservoirs with Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjusters are strategically mounted to clear aggressive mud tires and leave space for aftermarket skid plates and bumpers.

Easily adapt your shocks for load, environment, and driving style using the DSC adjusters as the large capacity dampers manage stability through all types of terrain. Additionally, you have a generous amount of preload adjustment to maintain your Bronco’s ideal ride height while supporting a wide range of essential added gear.

FOX shocks provide the versatility required to navigate backcountry terrain on the weekend and tackle your daily commute to remain comfortable and in control.


  • 2.5” impact-extruded and CNC-machined 6061-T6 hard-anodized aluminum body
  • Application-specific, custom progressive springs
  • 7/8” hard chrome-plated steel shafts
  • Vehicle-specific valving to maximize performance
  • 2.5” smooth bore and honed seamless alloy reservoir with Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjuster


  • Unlock all travel available in jounce and droop positions
  • Maximize comfort and control through any terrain
  • Remote reservoirs are mounted to clear larger tires and aftermarket parts
  • Maintain optimal ride height with wide-range preload adjustment
  • Provide a 3” lift for Sasquatch Bronco and a 4” lift on a non-Sasquatch equipped Bronco
  • Soft, progressive springs enhance articulation and increase stability

Add remarkable versatility and precise tuning with Fox's DSC adjuster. A simple twist of either two adjuster knobs allows 10 separate low-speed and 12 high-speed compression levels. Included new black anodized aluminum reservoir increases cooling efficiency.

Part # Application Lift Extended Compressed Travel
FOX-883-06-192 2 Door Front (w/ Aftermarket UCA) 3.5" - 4.5" on base models
2.5" - 3.5" on Sasquatch
23.72" 17.94" 5.78"
FOX-883-06-193 2 Door Rear 3.5" - 4.5" on base models
2.5" - 3.5" on Sasquatch
26.42" 18.44" 7.98"
FOX-25-2DR-BRONCO-KIT 2 Door Front & Rear (w/ Aftermarket Front UCA) 3.5" - 4.5" on base models
2.5" - 3.5" on Sasquatch
FOX-883-06-195 4 Door Front (w/ Aftermarket UCA) 3.0" - 4.0" on base models
2.0" - 3.0" on Sasquatch
23.72" 17.94" 5.78"
FOX-883-06-196 4 Door Rear 3.0" - 4.0" on base models
2.0" - 3.0" on Sasquatch
26.42" 19.44" 6.98"
FOX-25-4DR-BRONCO-KIT 4 Door Front & Rear (w/ Aftermarket Front UCA) 3.0" - 4.0" on base models
2.0" - 3.0" on Sasquatch