JK: Tera44 Rubicon HD Front Axle w/ 4.10 R&P & OEM Locker (4-6in Lift)


TeraFlex HD Front Axle Housings are perfect for replacing bent, broken, or damaged axles in JK Wrangler/Unlimited Rubicon models. Can also be used as a direct bolt-on upgrade for Jeep owners looking to beef up the stock axles� weak areas. Our Bare HD Front Axle Housings feature a heavy-duty housing with axle tubes, bracketry, and forged inner knuckles as well as pre-installed inner seals and upper control arm bushings. Stepping up to our Tera44 Rubicon HD Front Axle Housing w/ Ring & Pinion & OEM Rubicon Locker provides a choice of pre-installed ring and pinon gears, OEM Rubicon locker, and TeraFlex HD Ball Joints. Transfer your inner axles shafts and outer stub shafts, outer knuckles, and outer axle assembly (unit bearings, brakes, sensors) to make a complete axle assembly.