JL 4dr: 3.5in Sport ST3 Suspension System – No Shocks


These all-inclusive TeraFlex Sport ST (Street & Trail) Suspensions Systems deliver true street & trail (ST) performance and capability in a dependable and maintenance-free package. With its Front Control Arm Sport Frame Brackets, the 3.5in Sport ST3 Suspension System focuses on ride and handling. These direct bolt-on brackets restore caster on taller lifts for improved ride quality and reduced brake nosedive. TeraFlex Sport Frame Brackets are “built to take a hit.in The Front and Rear Track Bar Axle Brackets correct axle position to provide a more positive steering feel. Sport ST Suspension Systems feature lift coil springs, bump stops, and front sway bar quick disconnects optimized for stated lift height as well as tire and component clearance. Front Control Arm Sport Frame Brackets balance front caster and pinion angles to improve front suspension geometry on vehicles with 2.5-4.5in lifts. The Front and Rear Track Bar Axle Brackets improve steering response, center the axles to optimize vehicle roll center, and reduce body roll for unsurpassed handling. This results in a simple “install and drivein bolt-on installation with no cutting or welding required. These maintenance-free suspension systems provide superior on-road ride quality and comfort with maximum off-road flex. TeraFlex suspension systems provide reduced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Sport ST Suspension Systems can be installed on Friday, wheeled on Saturday, and driven to church on Sunday! Does NOT include shocks. We recommend Falcon Performance Shocks. Falcon shock absorbers and TeraFlex lift coil springs have been engineered together to improve both compression and rebound for optimal vehicle stability. Falcon shock absorbers and steering stabilizers available separately.