• MFC Offroad 2 Inch Lift Kit: 2014-2020 Jeep Cherokee KL



    MFC Lift Kit: Engineered Specifically for the 2014+ Jeep Cherokee & The only 2" lift that fits 2020 Cherokee Trailhawks!

    • Includes COMPLETE Configuration - Front and Rear
    • Lifts your KL Cherokee by 2 inches over factory
    • Provides 10.7 inches of clearance on stock tires on a Trailhawk
    • 10.2 inches of clearance for an AD2 with stock tires
    • 9.1 for the AD1 with stock tires
    • Our lift allows fitment of up to 32 inch tires on your Cherokee
    • Made of solid bullet 6061-T6 aluminum parts
    • Includes brake-line relocation brackets

    With careful consideration in mind relative to body geometry, safety, CV angles and drive-line components, this lift kit improves looks and performance FOR ALL TRIM LEVELS OF THE KL PLATFORM.

    Several of our customers have run the most difficult rated trails with their KL, our kit and 32 inch tires give your Jeep Cherokee off-road capability that's comparable or equal to many class-leading off-road vehicles by increasing ground clearance, approach, breakover and departure angles.

    The included brake-line relocation brackets eliminate the possibility of your break-lines coming loose, rubbing on your tires or driveline and creating a dangerous situation.

    MFC Offroad guarantees all aspects of the MFC Lift as to never fail, break, or crush under the weight of the vehicle, under normal use both on and off road.

    Why lift your KL with an MFC kit?
    With this lift, you are capable of fitting 32" BFG 255/75R17 KO Mud-terrian tires with no wheel hub spacer. This will net you a full 3.25" of ground clearance over a factory Trailhawk. This is the only lift that retains all aspects from the factory. MFC's lift retains true clocking position of rear coil springs, reinforces the factory strut when elongated to prevent any lateral forces and NO DRILLING of any suspension parts to make it fit! 100% bolt on! On top of this, we have gone the extra mile to ensure you stay safe while driving! When dropping your front knuckle you run the risk of changing the positioning of the brake line and ABS/Speed sensor wiring. When the knuckle is dropped these lines become very tight in the factory brackets. Since the brake line has little play after the drop, it can pop out unexpectedly and rub against your tire. With the MFC relocation brackets, your lines stay true to the factory positioning. We are the only ones who do this, and we do not recommend using zip ties or any other unsecure method as a solution.

    To fit a 32" tire, minor trimming of plastic, pinch weld and depending on trim level a wheel centering kit will be necessary.