RSE Step Slider Door Delete Kit

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Rock Slide Engineering understands when summer time comes around, many of our customers will want to remove their doors and continue to use their steps. Simply unplug your door sensors and install the door delete kit! Allows manual control of the step sliders when the doors are removed from the jeep. A single Kit will control two doors. Two kits are required for 4 door Jeep models. Easy installation!

Recommended that door delete kits are only installed on the front passenger and driver doors. Because the steps are manually controlled with the door delete kit, it is best to avoid back seat passengers from deploying the step by accident. If you are out wheeling and a child or passenger deploys the steps, it may cause damage to your steps.

Allows for Continued Step Functionality Without Jeep Doors
Made in the USA

Any RSE Step Slider 2.0 Electrical Harness

Door Delete Kit (2 Doors)
Additional Hardware
Limited Lifetime Warranty on Electrical Components

Install Time:
15 Minutes