TJ: Dual-Rate ST Front Sway Bar System (0-3in Lift)


The TeraFlex Dual-Rate ST (Street & Trail) Front Sway Bar System is the most advanced manual sway bar disconnect system available. The Easy Engagement Knob allows you to go from street to trail in seconds! This system incorporates two torsion bars: the “Streetin bar is tuned for a stable ride and heavy-duty highway handling, while the “Trailin bar is tuned to control body sway and lean during side hill and off-camber situations with full off-road articulation. The forged sway bar arms feature several link mounting points to fine tune the torsion rate. Simply twist the knob to disengage the “Streetin sway bar for unrestricted off-road articulation; then simply twist the knob again to re-engage the street sway bar for the highway! Get the best of both worlds with the TeraFlex Dual-Rate ST Front Sway Bar System!